Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fina'dene - Chigu'an

Fina'dene' - Chigu'an

Every once in a while I'll do a search for new recipes online and folks this caught my eye. I thought I had tried every fina'dene out there, but I guess I was wrong. I found this article on the PDN titled, The Forgotten Fina'dene', it's a great read and the recipe is pretty simple for all those familiar with making anistukun, if you're not then give this recipe a try.


Joe Sunrise said...

Thank you for this information and family story. I went to the market and picked-up some PATIS because I don't have confidence in my chigu'an making, though I will try... I promise. I will add the PATIS to my fina'dene for the first time. I never knew this was the secret. I lived in Agana Hts. For 2 years and love Chamorro dishes and the kind people, beautiful island... Again, thank you for this information, you have made my family happy to re-taste Guam again. Hafa dai.

Si Pete said said...

You are more than welcome Joe. Some red rice, spareribs and potato salad should even out the meal. Enjoy and if you have a recipe to share please do. Take it easy.