Thursday, August 03, 2006

Kelaguen Mannok - Chicken Kelaguen

Kelaguen Mannok - Chicken Kelaguen

1 whole chicken or 8 chicken thighs (I like to use the thighs, it involves less work)
Green Onions (1 medium sized bowl) finely chopped
5 donne' sali or Thai peppers
5 medium lemons - juiced
1 tsp. of Yours Lemon Flavored Powder
1/2 cup grated coconut (not the sweet one used in baking)
Salt to taste

BBQ or Broil chicken till 3/4 done. Let cool, then debone, shred and chop chicken meat into small pieces, almost fine. Place in bowl add lemon juice, lemon powder, donne', grated coconut and salt to taste. Continue to add salt (in tiny amounts - "you can add but you can't take away"), lemon or donne' till your desired taste has been achieved. Add green onions last and give one final mix.

Serve with titiyas


Anonymous said...

Does the cooking only 3/4 pose a health risk or is it the acid from the lemon that fully cooks the remaining 1/4. Please let me know. I want to try this. I picked-up some food at the Filipino Market today and I'm ready to experiment. Thank you (salamit po). -Joe.

Si Pete said said...

Traditionalist will tag me for saying feel free to cook it through. But if it makes you feel comfortable then please do. You are correct, the acid from the lemon will cook it the remaining 1/4.